Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome to my Blog

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

I say this because there's no such thing as a good morning in my arrogant opinion.

The Name of my Blog speaks what I hope to demonstrate as truth. Given the state of the State, it should be increasingly obvious to practically everyone that Big Government does not and cannot work without depriving every man, woman, child, and pet fish of Liberty. A great many libertarians, big and small "el" alike, seem to think that this is an argument for less government. I agree. In fact, I would take this to it's logical extreme. I believe, and hope to be able to demonstrate, that there should be in fact many, MANY more governments. About six billion, to be a bit more precise. One man, One government, NO FUCKING RULERS!

In the absence of imposed rule, humans almost always find a VOLUNTARY way to interact with one another. This is anarchy in action. Again, given the default of no governance, people tend to trade freely with one another to their mutual benefit. That is anarchocapitalism, or Free Market Anarchy, if you prefer.

These are the themes I will be persuing here. Hopefully I can give you all something to think about, or at least a bit of a diversion from the daily grind.

K.K. Biomech


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