Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Back, sort of.

Hello everybody.

Sorry for the immensely long absence. I've been through several kinds of hell lately, starting with the sudden and untimely death of my mother in law. We never got along, but I miss the crazy old lady. I think there is something inherently self destructive in the genetic predisposition for diabetes. She, like many other diabetics I have known, was casual at best about maintaining her health, and usually could be seen consuming more sugar than would be healthy for anyone, ever, under any circumstances. Her disregard for her health cost her her life on September 20th of last year.

This was a devastating blow to my wife who was extremely close to her mother, and has been a difficult time for me as well. It's a harsh revelation to find you loved someone after they've died.

As she died intestate and heavily indebted, we have been through financial hell as well. Raising a small child in this chaos has been quite a challenge, even though he's a marvelous young fellow.

We are recovering. The process is slow and the grief, both emotional and financial, is far from over.

It is my intent to blog more regularly, both because I think the message of liberty is important, and because it's a mental outlet for an incredibly stressed out man. But the demands on my time are such that "more regularly" doesn't mean much. I'm not gonna vanish for seven months again, but don't expect a high output either.

Those of you who still look, thank you for hangin' in there. I've missed this place, and the comments from my readers.

Kevin Karl Biomech