Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Back, sort of.

Hello everybody.

Sorry for the immensely long absence. I've been through several kinds of hell lately, starting with the sudden and untimely death of my mother in law. We never got along, but I miss the crazy old lady. I think there is something inherently self destructive in the genetic predisposition for diabetes. She, like many other diabetics I have known, was casual at best about maintaining her health, and usually could be seen consuming more sugar than would be healthy for anyone, ever, under any circumstances. Her disregard for her health cost her her life on September 20th of last year.

This was a devastating blow to my wife who was extremely close to her mother, and has been a difficult time for me as well. It's a harsh revelation to find you loved someone after they've died.

As she died intestate and heavily indebted, we have been through financial hell as well. Raising a small child in this chaos has been quite a challenge, even though he's a marvelous young fellow.

We are recovering. The process is slow and the grief, both emotional and financial, is far from over.

It is my intent to blog more regularly, both because I think the message of liberty is important, and because it's a mental outlet for an incredibly stressed out man. But the demands on my time are such that "more regularly" doesn't mean much. I'm not gonna vanish for seven months again, but don't expect a high output either.

Those of you who still look, thank you for hangin' in there. I've missed this place, and the comments from my readers.

Kevin Karl Biomech


Aaron Stilwater said...

Looking to hearing more from you, K.

Rorshak (1313) said...

It's good to see you again, Kevin.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you.

AzraelsJudgement said...

Glad I kept you on my blog roll. Take care.

Mechanized said...

Your return has been an expected pleasure. Always good to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

good to see you will be posting again

confused dot com? said...

Hi, can you make a video on youtube dealing with the following issues PLEASE-
I don't want to ofend, i do think 'Anarcho' capitalists are sincere and you guys do think you're offering solutions but these areas must be dealt with-Why is anarchocapitalism only found on youtube and largely amongst white middle class male suburban men?? Seriously i'm not just trying to do an ad hominen slate here. You guys don't exist in England or other countries i've been to, or amongst any working class people, poor people or people who have know real poverty. You guys know nothing of working class struggle and the history of the class war. You guys seem to have no groups in the real world, no demos, no bookstores, bookfares, meetings, local activist groups, art/poetry/theatre movements, squats, community centres, graffiti/culturejamming/pranksterism, no infoshops, campaigns (beyond the internet), no nothing. Could it be that you're all middle class white males who don't understand what it's like for working class people but only spout 'revolution' from the internet? LOL. oh so 'radical' monkeys? People have fought on the streets against state and capitalist murder, racism, homophobia, sexism and greed and won victories against the state and capitalism forcing the state to yield to the people yet the ancaps just bitch behind the internet 'oh its not voluntary' 'why should i have to help other people' 'me me me' 'i do what i want blah blah' your dictionary conception of 'freedom' is highly flawed. i assume you've never HAD to get on to the streets to fight for a living wage or against greed etc because you've had it all on a plate. You side with Thatcher in most areas and therefore against the working class and most people. You side against the poor in the name of the 'freedom' to exploit and kill in the name of money. Don't even get me started on the ancaps vulgar style atheism. Ok. i'm sorry if i ranted but i don't think its' ad hominen to say that you should have to talk about the people who are attracted to your philosophy. You can't just say 'all clever people are we don't care what you look likeyouragecolourbackgroundreligion/where you're coming from' because that's side stepping the issue. It's no shock to most of us that neo-liberal/thatcherite/ayn rand loving conservatives and state capitalists are largely white rich males. The outlook suits their interests, right? Similarly it's no shock that social anarchists are mainly working class just as we can look at other groups and see a relation of politics to those attracted to the politics. So why is it that anarcho capitalists seem to be basically taking in the same lot as the thatcherites???? I really want to know i'm not trying to just insult. It seems really hit n run this. I do want an exchange and you to support your people. But do you not understand why people get angry with you guys. I mean you lot wouldn't be seen here -
either growing up or going there to distribute leaflets on the virtues of ayn rand or the 'free' market. LOL. You'd be lynched. But social anarchists often come from places like that and local groups here in london are well respected and useful in poor areas in helping the communities and putting on projects and campaigns etc. Where are the ancaps???? In their suburban bedrooms debating hypothetical societies over a cappacino??? Worshipping to the god 'stefbot'??? Wanking over thatcher??? Setting up a sweatshop??? PLEASE HELP ME I'M FRUSTRATED. i really want to know where you guys are coming from?????

Kevin K. Biomech said...

To the guy who left the REALLY long rant:

It boils down to this, according to what I could see. You object to the anarcho capitalist because we aren't fighting in the streets.

But that's not inconsistent with our stand. Not in any way. We aim to educate. The market anarchist philosophy largely started in France, as near as I can tell, and roughly in the same timeframe as social anarchism.

Since there are elements of both that I find appealing, I have dropped the label anarchocapitalist in favor of market anarchist. I am opposed to the initiation of violence, and will defend myself violently if need be.

At root, I'm simply an anarchist. I am opposed to the existence of coercive monopoly, whether it's called a state or a gang or a collective. If it's not voluntary, it's illegitimate.

That being said, there needs to be some sort of consistent philosophy to REPLACE the role usurped by various overlords, and that role is best served by interested and responsible individualism. Taken to it's extreme, that would preclude interaction with strangers, so there needs to be guidelines on how you might be part of the human race rather than a hermit.

Market anarchists approve of a functioning system of exchange by which people can ethically acquire that which they need and want by trade. No interference by regulators, con men, or other government entities. Just free trade.

Most of us adhere to some monetary standard or at least a monetary theory. I've gone into that fairly extensively on youtube, and will be revisiting it.

And no, we're not all middle class white males. A cursory glance at the venue you denigrate should show you that. I, for one, am pretty damn destitute right now. I won't remain that way, but I'm not willing to be violent to change it either.